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Practical tips for cleaning your porcelain tile.

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Porcelain tile is gaining more and more space in properties due to its elegance, versatility, durability and, especially at this moment, for being one of the most hygienic coatings available. That's because its waterproof surface prevents the installation of bacteria, viruses and fungi and dirt can be removed with a simple cleaning. "A quality porcelain tile does not stain easily and does not require frequent washing, but some maintenance care is ideal to ensure that the coating maintains its characteristic elegance and durability", explains architect Mariana Mota, director of Cerbras, a reference industry in production. of porcelain tiles. She checks out the architect's tips for the ideal cleaning of her porcelain tile:

1 – To keep your porcelain surfaces always clean, use the following solution: a tablespoon of detergent or neutral soap diluted in five liters of water. Avoid acidic products that promise a deep and quick cleaning, they tend to be aggressive to porcelain, altering its shine.

2 – Prefer to vacuum your porcelain or sweep with soft bristle instruments so as not to scratch. Do not use steel wool for this cleaning as it may scratch the coating.

3 – When choosing your porcelain tiles, prefer the ones that are really anti-stain! Any dirt can be removed in most cases with a damp cloth and the use of neutral detergents.

4 – For the removal of more difficult stains, the use of specific products available on the market that guarantee cleaning without compromising the technical/aesthetic characteristics of the coating is recommended.

5 – You can finish your cleaning with a dry cloth and then pass a small amount of 70% alcohol to ensure complete asepsis of the surface.

About to Cerbras
With 30 years of history, Cerbras has stood out in the national and international market for ceramic flooring and coverings, and currently exports to more than 30 countries, integrating the ranking of the 10 largest companies in Brazil in the segment.

source: http://pernambucotem.com/

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