Cerbras and Casa Vogue sign a partnership to enhance the architecture of the Northeast.

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Bringing together two major brands that are references in their segments, the Cerbras porcelain industry and Casa Vogue magazine signed a partnership for the production of a series of content on architecture and decoration, valuing the Northeast in particular. In a sequence of posts on Casa Vogue's social networks (@casavogue), 16 architects from the Northeast will present their projects, highlighting the concept, insights and how they used Cerbras' high-end products.

The first content is already on the air and brings the directors of Cerbras, Mariana Mota and Ticiana Mota, presenting the Cerbras campaign at Casa Vogue, also telling the story and mission of the company, which turns 30 in 2020 as a reference in the ceramic tile market and porcelain tiles.

“The idea is to generate a rapprochement with the main architects of each region, in which each one will present projects specifying our products. We are very happy to be able to carry out this campaign in the year that Cerbras celebrates its 30th anniversary, further strengthening our brand and the quality of a genuinely Northeastern company”, points out Mariana Mota, director of Cerbras.

30 years old

Celebrating three decades of excellence, professionalism, tradition and quality certification in its products, Cerbras has established itself as a genuinely Brazilian company of reference in the ceramic and porcelain tile market. The company is currently part of the hall of the 10 largest in the country in the segment, with a production capacity of 38,400 million m²/year of ceramic, porcelain and Super Prime. For this, it combines technology with seriousness, credibility and loyalty, without giving up the essential social and environmental responsibility and human participation in all processes.


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