Ideas for Choosing the Right Tile for Home Renovation

Ceramic floor tiles are the first choice when talking about home renovation due to their prices and durability. What is important to take into consideration is the size of the area, the characteristics of this place and even the number of people that will walk on this area.

It is important to choose a product with quality, and they should have same pattern, with minimal differences in size between one piece and another, which greatly influence its installation. They should also have good resistance to water stain, surface wear and chipping of the glazed surface.

To avoid mistakes, we listed bellow some tips for you to choose the ideal floor tile:

1 - Choose the area: Ceramic tiles for wall _use_ have lower strength than floor tiles. Therefore the _use_ of different types and with more flexible mortar is indicated.
2 - Analyze people traffic: in places where people traffic is higher, and with different types of footwear, a tile with higher abrasion resistance is indicated.
3 - Choose the right tile for each room: In general, the garage and bathroom, for example, need different tiles because they receive different impacts. This is not to say that one tile is better than the other, but more suitable for that place.
4 - Check the product quality: Impact resistance, chipping, staining, uniformity in the size of the pieces and resistance to water stain are some of the factors that make difference.

Now you know how to make the best choice. Visit our partners and choose Cerbras products!