Decoration in small places

In the last 5 years the size of the apartments has been decreasing significantly, with this, the designed furniture is getting a big market, as they are developed for the available space, optimizing the place.

But at the same time, price is stil an issue, making it difficult for those with fewer resources, little space and good taste. Thinking about it, we have listed some tips on how to decorate small places with more savings.

1 - Using mirrors in the decor is an incredible trick. On an entire wall, vertically or horizontally, they have the power to practically double the depth of a room.

2 - Give preference for light colors. They give a sense of width and make rooms bigger. If you want to _use_ darker shades, _use_ them in a wall or even in furniture and decoration, for example.

3 - TV and wall lamps are great options to save space. The TV table can take up a lot of space in a small room or living rooms and can be easily replaced by a TV support, which is cheaper and easier to clean. Same can be done with racks and other supports.

4 - How about giving a cheerful environment to your bathroom? Choose one of the walls and install colored or stamped ceramic tiles. Your bathroom will look charming and super stylish.

5 - Lights give the idea of bigger, so if your kitchen has windows, try not to cover them, to give the feeling of more open space and facilitate air circulation.

After the tips and ideas about saving money when decorating, you can also think about renovating the tiles of your house. Take this chance to have your floors and walls with the quality of Cerbras products.