CERBRAS began its operations in the ceramic tile industry in the 1990s, with the members of Mota family, pioneers of this segment in the state of Ceará, Brazil. Throughout its history, CERBRAS has undergone some adaptations. In 1999, company was renamed to Porto Velho, the name that was used for more than 10 years.

The company had new upgrade and changed to CERBRAS, as its new brand, besides a new design, as a way of adapting to the demands of the ceramic tile market. The idea of this move was also to strengthen the positioning and the socio-environmental responsibility practices.

CERBRAS plant is located in Maracanaú, CE, Brazil. Throughout the development of the company, the evolution of its productive capacity has been exponential.

The Industrial Park has 86.137,67sqm of built area and has a production capacity of 38.400.000sqm / year of ceramic tiles. CERBRAS products can be found in the the North and Northeast of Brazil, and in 31 countries, employing more than 600 employees.

With persistence, CERBRAS always care about reaching the highest quality in its products. For this, it uses technology and works with seriousness, credibility, fidelity and the indispensable human participation in all these processes.