We do business with ethics and transparency, providing growth to our employees and partners, respecting the environment. These are values ​​that guide our way to be CERBRAS.

Know that offering support to initiatives that promote the quality of life and the development of people makes difference, CERBRAS has sponsored some institutions such as IPREDE, an institute that supports blind people.

In addition to that, CERBRAS develops programs that allow personal and professional growth to its employees, granting them opportunities for professional career, as current vacancies are destined to internal selection processes; Educational incentive, higher education and cultural activities, such as the Itinerant Library in partnership with SESI, encouraging the habit of reading, are also part of our portfolio of actions.

Reduction of Environmental Impacts

CERBRAS is a company that contributes to sustainability. We always work to reduce environmental impacts through the application of an economic and environmental strategy, which is integrated to our processes and products.

The commitment to environmental preservation has led CERBRAS to sustainable practices such as:

Selective collection and recycling;
Controls to reduce energy and water consumption;
Monitoring of air quality;
Sanitary and industrial wastewater treatment system;
Reuse of treated water;
Reuse of Hot air (heat recycling);
Reuse of 100% of the residues (ceramic clay, ceramic powder and glaze);
Environmental education in schools;
Land restoration where mineral extraction.